A Mac User's Guide to the Woodshed by Dan Drew

Table of contents, preamble & housekeeping items

1.0 Now read this!!!

Before you begin: a SPECIAL notice: Mac Users download using the mechanism OPTION KEY/CLICK! If you've been struggling to find the feature called "Save next link as..." forget it! Most Mac users do not have it... and do NOT need it! OPTION KEY/CLICK DOES THE JOB!

2.0 Your textbook:

Just like in school, we're going to start with a text book: We'll create the book, "Midi Basics for Mac Users" by printing out three items. And while we're at it, we'll download almost all of the software you'll need to play in the woodshed.

3.0 Your Equipment List:

Here's what you'll need to download & play files from the Woodshed:

4.0 Now let's go to work: [Two practice sessions]

5.0 Now Let's make music: [Two ways to do it]

6.0 Knowing the ropes (and quirks) of MIDI importing

7.0 If you're going to submit files for posting in the Woodshed:

You'll need to get in touch with George Silvis who is the "page master." All sequences MUST BE CONVERTED TO STANDARD MIDI format before they can be exported or attached to e-mail! Among other things to consider when preparing a sequence to be posted... is the problem with the key signature. It's a nice trick to enter the key signature along with the title, using the unused lines (if any) of your staff sheet. To see how this is done, check out the staff sheets of some of Mike Petri's or George's files in the woodshed. It's also a good idea when exporting midi files to eliminate all the volume commands (set them to zero, using your staff sheet!) since these commands cause problems in some systems.

8.0 Where can I learn more about midi (and find more files to import?)

As your skills & knowledge accumulate, please email George from the Woodshed and have your name added here so you can help someone else learn! Thanks!